OSHA Recordkeeping Basics

Ensuring Compliance with OSHA Regulations

OSHA utilizes a variety of forms and systems to benefit employers and their employees. This recordkeeping system serves many uses, from creating programs that affect the safety of all workers, to individual organizations using them to improve their own health and safety systems.

While they offer many benefits, complying with OSHA’s regulations can be complicated. This report is designed to help making OSHA recordkeeping simpler. The report walks you through the basic aspects of OSHA recordkeeping, including:

  • Which employees are covered by OSHA
  • Who is responsible for keeping records for different types of employees
  • The definition of work-related
  • Knowing what types of incidents must be recorded
  • What types of business must keep OSHA records
  • A timeline of when records should be created and how long they need to be kept
  • How to record work-related incidents and the forms needed.

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