Writing Accurate & Defensible Job Descriptions that Comply with the FLSA, ADA, and FLMA

recording Writing Accurate & Defensible Job Descriptions that Comply with the FLSA, ADA, and FLMA

You Will Learn:

  • Create job descriptions that are accurate, specific, clear,  and defensible
  • Ensure compliance with the ADA and EEOC
  • Evaluate and edit your job descriptions, and implement an on-going update process
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Are your job descriptions accurate and up-to-date?

Do they comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act?  If not, your organization may be next-in-line for an investigation by a governmental agency or even a devastating lawsuit.

In fact, just one poorly written job description could leave your company exposed.  Job descriptions are typically the first document looked at in legal disputes or during a regulatory agency’s inquiry.

And with the rise of disputes stemming from the employer-employee relationship, particularly claims arising under the FLSA, FMLA, and ADA, you need to take keen look at your job descriptions to ensure they’re legally compliant.

Learning Objectives

During this “how-to” event, you will learn easy steps to create job descriptions that are:

  1. Accurate, clear, and defensible under the FLSA, ADA, and FMLA;
  2. Written in a manner that clearly defines the responsibilities of employee positions; and
  3. Consistent with best practices under other federal employment laws.

You’ll also learn the fundamental purpose of creating a job description, best practices for implementing a job description review process, and six of the most common (and costly) mistakes made when drafting  job descriptions.

This comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand program also covers:

  • Job-description best practices for 2015
  • Methods to avoid job descriptions becoming obsolete
  • How to recognize when jobs are defined too narrowly
  • Which vague language most often leads to lawsuits
  • How to make sure job descriptions are not ignored once written

Plus, during this need-to-know session, our expert faculty will explore:

  • Step-by-step advice on the creation of job descriptions
  • “No-no” language that may red flag the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Key words that will help ensure ADA compliance
  • How to know if a duty is really “essential” under the ADA and how “essential functions” are generally defined
  • Disclaimer language that should be included with every job description

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Bonus Material

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Crafting Legally Compliant Job DescriptionsJam-packed with compliance guidelines, this comprehensive, 56 page guide provides
easy-to-understand guidance, including:

  • Steps In Writing Descriptions
  • Information to Capture
  • Writing the Job Description
  • FLSA and ADA Considerations
  • The Job Description and FLSA

This essential guide also includes finger-tip access to:

  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Research Resources
  • FAQs
  • Job Description Checklist
  • Best Practices in Developing Job Descriptions
  • Non-Prejudicial Language for ADA Compliance

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Learn How to Develop Job Descriptions that Comply with the ADA, FLSA, and FMLA!

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Learn How to Develop Job Descriptions that Comply with the ADA, FLSA, and FMLA!

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