Time Management: Take Control and Achieve More

e_learning Time Management: Take Control and Achieve More

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24 hours in a day. That's the same amount of time everyone has.

But why does is seem as though some people can fit so much more into those hours, accomplishng goals and getting results, while you're frantic, racing to meet a deadline in the last minute.

Sure, some people may work faster than others, or are more skilled in some areas, but the main reason some people can achieve more in a day is they're managing their time well.

This quick-study eLearning course guides you through the key strategies you need to finally take control of your time and overcome productivity challenges.

Learning Objectives

In just 10 highly focused minutes, this high-impact single-concept course will guide you through:

  • Time Management Myths
    • How Do They Do It?
    • Myths
    • Time Management = Self Management
  • How Do You Spend Your Time?
    • Time Log
    • Know How You Spend Your Time
    • Set Your Scene
    • Prioritizing
  • Planning vs. Action
  • Lists
  • Top Time Management Mistakes
    • Time Management Strategies for:
      • Handling Telephone Calls
      • Vacations
      • Meetings
      • Saying No
      • Handling Interruptions
      • Schedule Time
      • Available Time
  • The 4 Questions You Should be Able to Answer
  • Time Management Quiz

Plus, your quick-study course includes the Daily Time Log template so you can track your time and activities through the day!

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Stop Wasting Time! Learn How to Finally Take Control & Achieve More!

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