The Successful Manager’s Guide to Managing A Team

report The Successful Manager’s Guide to Managing A Team

You Will Learn:

Key strategies, practical tips, and techniques  to:

  1. Engage Employees
  2. Promote Their Strenghts
  3. Motivate Them to Work Together
  4. Maximizing Your Resources in Your Team
  5. Handle Conflict in Your Team
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What does it take to be a true leader?  One that can inspire and motivate your team to success?

Frankly, coordinating and overseeing other people’s tasks is a tough job.  As a manager, supervisor, or team leader you need to be able to solve the problems that plague, and exhaust even the most effective leaders today.

On any given day you’re faced with the challenges of:

  • Motivation and productivity
  • Conflict and crises management
  • Underperforming employees
  • Credibility and authority: with your team, your peers and senior management
  • Meeting organizational goals

Nobody said it was easy.  Creating and leading a high performance team requires a blend of communication, motivation, and superior management skills, along with bottom-line capabilities.

Introducing The Successful Manager’s Guide To Managing A Team – a powerful resource you can use to create and lead an effective, engaged and productive team.

Learning Objectives

Jam-packed with key strategies, practical tips, and techniques used by today’s top managers, this  must-read guide explores:

  • Identifying Team Objectives
  • Teams Are Made of People
  • Managing Individuals
    • Engagement Strategies
    • Understanding Individual Needs
    • Different Personality Types
  • Managing the Team
    • Get To Know the Team
    • Maximizing Your Resources in Your Team
      • Managing Team Performance
      • Provide Ongoing Professional Guidance and Feedback
    • Improving Competencies within the Team
    • Identifying Growth Opportunities and Capacity Constraints in the Team
    • Handling Conflict in Your Team
    • Managing Difficult Employees

One of your most important roles as a manager is to make sure that your people have the support, tools, and resources they need to do their jobs. This essential guide outlines those six steps needed to equip your team for success:

  1. Ask
  2. Monitor Work Effectively
  3. Provide Managerial Support
  4. Look at Safety
  5. Provide Equipment and Supplies
  6. Provide Emotional Support

And, if you’re not completely convinced that The Successful Manager’s Guide To Managing A Team delivers all that we promise, we’ll refund every penny. No questions asked.

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Learn Key Strategies to Engage Individuals, Promote Their Strengths, & Motivate Them to Work Together!

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