Terminating Employees Legally

e_learning Terminating Employees Legally

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Choosing to fire an employee under any circumstance is never easy.

Whether the termination involves a single employee or a large-scale layoff – the process can be fraught with emotion and carries significant legal ramifications.

This quick-study eLearning course provides a step-by step guide to help you master this difficult task.  In just about 10 minutes, this easy-to-get-through course will walk you through:

  1. Documentation Best Practices
  2. What to Say and Not to Say
  3. Specific Termination Situations
  4. Procedures to Follow

Learning Objectives

This high-impact, bite-sized module explores effective strategies that protect your organization when terminating employees, including:

  • Types of Termination
  • 5 Step Process
    1. Documentation
      • Employee Handbook
      • Personnel files
    2. Determination
      • Discrimination
      • Whistleblower / Anti-Retaliation Laws
      • Extenuating Circumstances
      • Consistency
      • Who should review the termination
    3. Variation
      • Opportunity to Improve
      • Advanced Warning
      • Performance Improvement Plan
    4. Discussion
      • Location
      • Timing
      • Documentation
      • Attendance
      • Brevity
    5. Completion
      • Before Discussion
      • During Discussion
      • After Discussion
  • Key Parts to the Process

Whether the reason for termination is insubordination, poor performance, or incompatibility you should ensure that you and your managers know how to handle this hot-button task effectively, legally and safely.

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This is Your Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering this Difficult & Legally Challenging Task!

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