Confident Effective Leadership: Developing the Essential Skills that Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results

report Confident Effective Leadership: Developing the Essential Skills that Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results

You Will Learn:

  • How to transition from Doer to Leader – essentials of becoming an effective leader
  • What employees/team members want and need from a leader
  • Keys to motivating employees for high performance
  • 10 common leadership and management mistakes – and how to avoid them
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Why do employees leave?

You may think it’s for higher pay, but in reality, the No. 1 reason employees leave is the way they're supervised.

Simply put...“People join companies, but leave managers.”

The good news (if you're a new manager or a seasoned one) you can keep your great people on board (and happy) by learning the secrets to becoming a confident, effective leader.

Jam-packed with practical, use-it-now information, the Confident Effective Leadership guide gives you all the details and support materials you need to develop essential skills that inspire, influence and achieve results.

Learning Objectives

  • What is Leadership? – and Why You Should Care
  • Building Your Arsenal of Key Leadership Skills
  • Becoming a Leader: The Essentials of Effective Leadership
    • Transitioning from Doer to Leader
    • Delegating to Boost Productivity and Build Others
    • Building Trust
    • Motivating Employees for High Performance
    • Empowering Employees – Beyond Lip Service
    • Compelling Followers Through Effective Communication
    • Honing Your Internal and External Radar
    • Being Politically Savvy
  • Leadership Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • What Employees/Team Members Want and Need from a Leader
  • Leading Effectively without Authority/Title
  • 10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes
  • Leading Through Change
  • Building Leaders

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Bonus Material

This essential guide also includes finger-tip access to sample materials, quizzes, and checklists, including:

  1. What Women Leaders Need to Know – and Do – Differently
  2. Leadership Skills Assessment
  3. What’s Your P.Q. – Promotability Quotient? Quiz
  4. Making the Transition to Leadership

Plus, if you’re not completely convinced that Confident Effective Leadership delivers all that we promise, we’ll refund every penny. It’s that simple.

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