Polished, Professional Writing: Grammar, Word Usage, and Style for Business Writing

report Polished, Professional Writing: Grammar, Word Usage, and Style for Business Writing

You Will Learn:

Key tips, tools, and techniques to help you master:

• Basics of Writing
• Structure & Voice
• Usage & Spelling
• Common Types Of Business Writing

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There, Their. . . They’re Not the Same.

Poor writing – no matter what the medium – is unacceptable and reflects poorly not only on you but also, on your organization.

In fact, sloppy grammar and spelling errors suggest inattention to detail and undermines confidence in you and your company.

Whether you are emailing coworkers, corresponding with clients, or communicating with senior executives, business writing skills are critical to your success.

That’s why we created - Polished, Professional Writing – a no-fluff, plain-English report you can use to pump-up your professional writing skills.

Learning Objectives

Jam-packed with key tips, tools, and techniques this invaluable guide will help you master grammar, word usage, and style for business writing.

  • Basics
    • Parts Of Speech
    • Sentences
    • Punctuation
    • Subject-verb Agreement
    • Me, Myself, & I
    • Title Capitalization
    • Singular Third-person Pronouns
    • Brand Or Entity
  • Structure & Voice
    • Active Versus Passive Voice
    • Split Infinitives
    • Dangling Modifier
    • Incomplete Comparison
  • Usage & Spelling
    • Commonly Misused Words
    • Frequently Confused
    • When To Use Which Word
    • That’s Not A Word
  • Common Types Of Business Writing
    • Emails
    • Memos
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • Reports And Proposals
    • Business Letters
  • Proofreading

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Bonus Material

Plus, your guide includes an extensive Resource List and Q&A to test your writing skills!

  • Resource List
    • Basics: Parts Of Speech, Punctuation, Etc.
    • Usage And Spelling
    • Formatting And Style Guides
    • Generally Useful
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Answer Key



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