Payroll Taxes: Withholding, Depositing and Reporting Federal Taxes

webinar Payroll Taxes: Withholding, Depositing and Reporting Federal Taxes

You Will Learn:

  • Methods of withholding
  • What the current wage bases and rates are
  • How totalization agreements affect FICA taxes
  • Computing and paying the FUTA tax
  • Reporting requirements and penalties for noncompliance
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Are you sure you know how to accurately withhold, deposit, pay and report payroll taxes?

If you are like most payroll pros you either learned the basics on-the-fly, or simply by trial and error during the payroll process.

But let's face it, payroll processing has become more complex over the years and all it takes is one simple mistake to get the IRS knocking at your door.

Learning Objectives

This practical webinar guides you through the basics of withholding, depositing, paying and reporting payroll taxes, and provides a good solid foundation for the payroll beginner and an excellent refresher course for the seasoned professional.

  • Introduction to the federal tax system
  • Obtaining an EIN
  • Federal Income Tax
    • Methods of withholding
    • How to handle supplemental wages
  • FICA Taxes
    • What is OASDI
    • What is Medicare
    • What is the Additional Medicare Tax
    • What are the current wage bases and rates
    • How do totalization agreements affect FICA taxes
    • Are there special rules for nonresident aliens on visa
  • FUTA Tax
    • Who is subject
    • Current rate and wage base
    • Effect of credit reduction
    • Computing and paying the tax
  • Basic rules for Successor employers
  • Basic rules for Common Paymaster
  • Deposit rules
  • Reporting requirements
  • Penalties for noncompliance

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Bonus Material

You also get the NEW and EXCLUSIVE guide – HR, Payroll, and the New Tax Laws: What Employers Need To Know – a $97 value – FREE!

Jam-packed with compliance guideline, this report will take a provision-by-provision look at how employers and their employees are affected by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and will cover changes and impacts related to:

• Withholding and W-4 implications
• Fringe benefits
• Paid family leave
• Equity grants
• Unreimbursed employee expenses
• Sexual harassment awards
• Affordable Care Act (ACA)
• Qualified retirement plans

Plus, each section will end with action tips that provide steps you need to take to comply with the provisions of the legislation.

Ensure You’re Accurately Withholding, Depositing, Paying, & Reporting Payroll Taxes!

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Vicki M. Lambert, CPP.
Vicki M. Lambert, CPP.
"The Payroll Advisor"

Vicki M. Lambert, CPP is President and Academic Director of The Payroll Advisor™ a firm specializing in the training of payroll professionals.  With over three decades of hands-on experience in all facets of payroll functions as well as over 20 years as a trainer and author, Ms. Lambert is a sought-after and respected voice in the practice and management of payroll issues.  She has conducted open market training seminars on payroll issues across the United States as well as serving as an in-house trainer for businesses such as Sun Microsystems, Fox Studios, Disney, County of Riverside and the City of Hesperia. 

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Ensure You’re Accurately Withholding, Depositing, Paying, & Reporting Payroll Taxes!

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