Marijuana in the Workplace: Detection, Discipline & Laws

recording Marijuana in the Workplace: Detection, Discipline & Laws

You Will Learn:

  • Safety sensitive and other work-related risks associated with marijuana use
  • Latest marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) laws and applicable cases in the states where employees report for duty
  • Inter-play between the ADA, OSHA and workplace drug testing employer obligations.
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22.2 million Americans have used marijuana in the past month.

You probably employ some of them.

The complex maze of state and federal laws on marijuana usage has left employers and HR professionals in a haze about what to do about medical and recreational marijuana.

In fact, employees' marijuana and prescription drug usage creates a Bermuda triangle of risk – employment law … health care … safety and more!

Learning Objectives

During this comprehensive webinar, you will get the answers to such need-to-know questions as:

  • Do employers have to tolerate medical marijuana in the workplace?
  • What about cannabidiol (CBD)? Is it legal?
  • Positive drug tests and medical marijuana/CBD: What now?
  • How far do employers have to go to accommodate medical marijuana use?
  • Federal law vs. state law enforcement: Which takes precedence?
  • Medical marijuana and the ADA: What should you be aware of?

By the end of this critical program, you’ll also know more about:

  • Federal legislative updates
  • State regulatory actions and how courts are interpreting cannabis regulations
  • Safety sensitive and other work-related risk associated with marijuana/CBD use
  • Marijuana laws and applicable cases in the states where employees report for duty
  • How to upgrade your job descriptions to include critical essential function safety language directly applicable to marijuana use
  • Strategies to make it all about safety in supervisory training
  • Drug free workplace policy options when dealing with marijuana—including edibles
  • Inter-play between the ADA, OSHA and workplace drug testing employer obligations
  • How to put all the puzzle pieces into place to form your compliant legal strategy to effectively stand firm when dealing with marijuana and edibles in your workplace

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Bonus Material

Plus, you get Marijuana in the Workplace: Employer Guidelines for Navigating the Legal Haze of Medical and Recreational Use – a $157 value – absolutely FREE!

This essential guide is designed to arm you with the knowledge of how to mold your organization’s hiring, drug testing, disciplinary, and safety policies to be compliant and properly documented.

  • Marijuana at Work: What Employers Need to Know
  • Medical Marijuana and the Law
  • Marijuana In The Workplace
    • Medical Marijuana During Office Hours
    • Amendments to Work Tasks / Responsibilities and / or Employment Hours
    • Other Employees
    • Refusal of the Request
    • Legal Aspects
    • Right to Privacy
    • Discipline Issues
    • Multistate Employers
  • Sample Marijuana Policy
  • List of States that Have Legalized Medical Marijuana
  • List of States with Pending Legislation

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Learn How to Navigate the Legal Haze of Medical & Recreational Marijuana Use!

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