Excel Key Features, Functions, & Formulas: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques to Turn Excel into Your Most Powerful Productivity Tool


“I didn’t know I could do that with Excel”!

It’s frustrating to know what Excel can do, but not understand the techniques to accomplish it.

With a few simple tools you too can work wonders in Excel. In fact, by tapping into the key features you can learn how to turn Excel into your most powerful productivity tool.

You don’t have to waste hours googling functions and formulas, sifting through manuals, or sitting in classes for days or even weeks – forget all that!

Enroll in this interactive webinar and in less than one hour, you will learn the must-know Excel tips and tricks that every Excel user needs to know.

Learning Objectives

You’ve seen what others can do with Excel. Now, you too, can quickly and effortlessly learn the shortcuts, techniques, and handy tips to master an array of Excel formulas and functions; including:

  • Functions and the syntax used to formulate them
  • Rank, If, Lookups, Concatenate and payment functions
  • What are arguments and how to use them in your formulas
  • Absolute vs. Relative References
  • Relocating formulas in a worksheet
  • Conditional Formatting and where to use
  • HotKeys you should know to speed things up

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Turn Excel into Your Most Powerful Productivity Tool!


Turn Excel into Your Most Powerful Productivity Tool!

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