Excel Charts and Graphs Made Easy

webinar Excel Charts and Graphs Made Easy

You Will Learn:

  1. Techniques for creating a chart “from scratch”
  2. Methods for selecting the best chart type to visually represent your information
  3. Tactics for choosing the data for your chart
  4. Tips for creating and customizing the charts
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What's the best way to communicate complex data? Charts and graphs.

But does the process seem more complex than the data? It doesn't have to be. In fact, once you learn a few tips and tricks, creating meaningful, flexible and interactive charts and graphs will be a breeze.

During this power-packed webinar you will learn how to create professional-looking, beautifully-designed charts and graphs that communicate, at a glance, the important trends and information inside your Excel data.

Plus, you'll discover how to take advantage of the many under-utilized formatting options in Excel to create and customize “easy to understand” and “professionally presented” charts and graphs.

Learning Objectives

In just about an hour, you will be guided through all of the important commands for creating graphs and charts by watching our expert instructor complete each step in Excel, including:

  • Selecting the best chart type for your data
  • Changing the Data Series for your chart
  • Understanding and using Excel’s chart elements
  • Formatting your chart professionally
  • Adding Trend Lines to your chart
  • Creating a Combination Chart
  • Learning the “Best Practices’ for working with charts

Plus, this essential webinar is filled with tips and examples that you can use immediately in your presentations and reports to create visually appealing graphs and charts.

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Bonus Material

But that’s not all! You also get the quick-tip guide – Keyboard Shortcuts – FREE!

This must-have tool includes frequently used shortcut keys for several Office programs, including:

  • Windows 10
  • Desktop
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint

So don’t delay! Reserve your seat TODAY for this power-packed webinar to learn time-saving functions and techniques that can speed you through your spreadsheet work!

Learn Tips, Tools & Techniques to Effectively Communicate Important Trends & Information Inside Your Excel Data!

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Staci Warne
Staci Warne
Microsoft Certified Trainer

Staci Warne is a highly skilled Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with over 15 years of experience in training individuals, at any skill level.  She obtained her MCT certification in 2008 and also holds an array of other certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Office master Instructor, and Ic3 Internet and Core computer instructor certifications.

Learn Tips, Tools & Techniques to Effectively Communicate Important Trends & Information Inside Your Excel Data!

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