Strategic Recognition: Revitalize Your Employee Rewards Program to Re-Engage & Retain Employees without Busting the Budget

Has your employee recognition/rewards program fizzled?

One of the greatest challenges for HR managers is the maintenance of a recognition program that engages employees after the initial excitement has worn off.

Do your employees seem underwhelmed, un-involved and apathetic about your recognition program?  Then it’s time for a strategic overhaul.

This information-packed webinar will show you how to re-design a strategic, engaging and well-thought out conditional rewards program that encourages long-term success.

During this power-packed on-demand webinar, you will learn real-life strategies to execute a rewards program that increases employee engagement and company performance while keeping your organizations’ reward budget in the black.

  • Sure signs that it’s time to retool your rewards program
  • Which types of rewards have the highest impact on employee engagement
  • Types of rewards programs that fail most often and how to avoid them
  • Specific factors that lead to program attrition and waning employee interest
  • Five foolproof ways to reconnect employees with the reward program

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