Introverts in the Workplace: Harnessing the Untapped Power of the Introvert

Extroverts get a lot of attention, but introverts are more likely to be successful. So why do we ignore them?

In today’s extroverted business world, introverts are often overlooked, excluded and misunderstood. In fact, the modern workplace seems to be designed for extroverts to succeed in: the open floorplan, freewheeling brainstorming sessions, promotions given to the self-promoting.

But, the truth is your workforce includes introverts too. In fact, they actually outnumber extroverts in the workplace. Even at the leadership level, 40% of high-level executives describe themselves as introverts.

Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Marissa Mayer. Larry Page. Condoleezza Rice. Elon Musk. All introverts. All great leaders.

Yet, it’s all too easy to have introverted employees and their contributions disappear underneath the noise of others.

How do you manage these polarizing personality types and vastly different work preferences? How do you draw out your introverts and get your extroverts to listen? What’s the best way to adapt your management style so that it works for everyone?

Join C4CM’s expert faculty to learn effective strategies and management techniques that will help ensure all of your employees are operating at their peak level of energy, efficiency, and motivation.

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