Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills for Improved Performance & Increased Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed? What if you could learn a thinking process that would help you make better decisions, improve team successes, and increase the efficiency of your organization?

To make the best decisions possible, you need the skills to identify flaws in your thought processes, and learn to think critically.  This power-packed webinar presents a structured approach for overcoming the biases and assumptions that cloud your thoughts, and lead to poor business outcomes.

In just 75-minutes you will learn how to see things more clearly and from a very different perspective that will lead to new ideas … new solutions … and true breakthroughs for your organization and your career!

You will learn key strategies for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help you get better results, including how to:

  • Identify the purpose of every communication choice
  • Translate abstract ideas into something tangible
  • Avoid misclassification of issues
  • Consider multiple points of view
  • Identify the implications of every decision
  • Include the entire team in critical thinking initiatives
  • Use proven critical thinking processes to improve communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving
  • Apply critical thinking skills to other business skill sets

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