Complimentary Press Access

Complimentary access to C4CM events and products is offered to eligible reporters, editors, publishers (one publisher per publication), photographers, and freelance writers. Advertising and sales representatives must register through attendee registration and pay the appropriate registration fee.

Eligibility Requirements are:

  • You must be an editor, reporter, publisher, photographer, or freelance writer working for a publication, Web-based publication, or TV or radio news operation.
  • The publication or other media outlet must either regularly cover the relevant industry or target a general audience. Corporate newsletters, advertising media, and other closed-circulation publications are not eligible for complimentary media registration.
  • Freelancers and those affiliated with Web-based publications may be required to show clips or other documentation that the publication is a news-gathering organization and that the individual seeking credentials is a journalist.

To request your complimentary press access to a C4CM event or product, please contact and include the product or event you’d like to receive complimentary press access to in your email.

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