The Art of Procrastination During March Madness

March Madness is upon us! Whether you’re all in, picking your teams and filling out your brackets, or blissfully ignorant of what sport is even being played, March Madness is taking over your workplace. And so is procrastination. Why do work when you can talk about The Game?

How do you handle this? Well, first of all, go to and check out their predictions. Get ready for Zion Williamson to propel Duke into the Final Four, if not the whole thing. And let’s talk about Zion a bit.

He’s amazing. zion flies


Seriously. That guy can move. He made headlines when his Nike shoe blew out, injuring his knee, and potentially ruining his future career. Many called for him to quit college ball and go pro now – why risk any injuries that could derail that path?

Williamson shook off those calls, saying “thanks, but no thanks”. So while he’s out on the rectangle, showing us what he’s got, workers will be furiously watching games, working their brackets, and intently discussing the minutiae of every pass over the water cooler.

But I’m procrastinating. Talking about Zion instead of your workplace. Kind of like your own workers are doing…

My feeling is let your people indulge a little, but use March Madness as a way to keep them moving forward. Build your own bracket with a path toward a goal to achieve, whether it’s a sales goal, client retention, products, or whatever fits your organization.

It’s a good way to harness the energy provided by March Madness and corral the competitive spirit a tournament like this brings out in people.

Building a bracket can also help stop procrastination. Many people, passionately following the games, may put off their own work. Perhaps for the entire tournament! You don’t want that. It’s all too easy to say, Oh, I’ll get to that later.

Do you think Zion Williamson got to be the player he is today by getting to practice later?
I don’t think so.

If you want your workplace to even dream about being as good a team as Duke’s, they can’t procrastinate. They have to keep focused, even when March Madness is all around us.

Top 5 Tips To Stop Procrastinating

  1. Set small, achievable goals. Saying I’m going to win the NCAA tournament is huge. Saying I’m going to work hard to finished the task – especially the one with the subject line: CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GAME LAST NIGHT???!!! Let yourself stay focused and complete the task at hand.
  2. Try the 2 minute rule. Tell yourself you only have to do this horrible task you’ve been putting off forever for 2 minutes. It will get you started, because you know you have an out. And once you get started, you’ll probably keep going.
  3. Incentivize yourself. If I get this horrible task done, then I get to go talk about the game with my colleagues! The old cliché of the carrot dangling in front of the horse is true – a reward to look forward to definitely makes it easier to get through things.
  4. Eliminate distractions. Get off social media and your Slack group on the games. Don’t open your emails until you’ve finished the task – especially the one with the subject line: CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GAME LAST NIGHT???!!! Let yourself stay focused and complete the task at hand.
  5. Change your language. Instead of saying “I have to do this”, try saying “I choose to do this”. Reframing your work as a choice instead of an obligation may help make it easier to turn your focus to it.

Want some more help? Don’t delay – seriously, don’t delay. Get C4CM’s Procrastination: How To Stop Putting Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today. Hey! Get it now. None of this, I’ll get it tomorrow crap. You know exactly what happens when you do that…

-Tina Nacrelli


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