Happy Mother’s Day, to Working Moms and Non-moms

Being a working mom is a tough road. You’re torn in two, pulled in different directions, and are usually trying to juggle multiple priorities. Often you feel that you’re not doing either well.

mothers day graphicYou know that when the school calls because little Jasper has a fever, you have to leave early to pick him up. You know that you’re going to miss some late nights in the office because Heather has a school play.

You also know you’re going to miss the music assembly that Isaac is in, because you have an important meeting at the same time. And you probably won’t get to the soccer game in time to see Sharmila’s goal.

I see you. I salute you. And I just want to tell you that you’re doing a great job, even if you think you’re not. Happy mother’s day!

And to the women at work who don’t have kids, and who may think the working moms are slacking, or getting some sweetheart deal? I just want to thank you too. For doing a great job at the office and living your life outside it too. Work-life balance isn’t just so moms can do more goddam laundry. It’s so everyone – moms, non-moms, women, men – can have a reasonable existence outside of the workplace.

It may seem sometimes that working moms get “more” from their workplace than non-moms: more flexibility, more time off, more understanding from the higher ups. Don’t forget they also get more on the flip side: more stress, more anxiety, more pressure from different areas. And probably less promotions, less time to focus on work-related tasks, and less money long-term.

So happy mother’s day to everyone who’s had a mom. Take a moment to think about how you care for others, how that takes up your time – maybe now, maybe in the future – and how you’d like to see that fit into your worklife. Then think about how you can help make that vision a reality.

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