Business Travel Alternatives: Airplane Safety Making Your Team Nervous?

airplane in skyThe Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes. An emergency landing happens because of an issue with the nose gear.  A Myanmar plane lands without its front wheels. The landing feature fails on a Florida flight, causing the plane to slide off the runway into a river.

You can forgive your employees for feeling nervous about business travel these days. And, as a good employer, you should work to find ways to minimize their travel, especially if they’re concerned about their safety.

Here are some strategies you can set in place at your workplace.

  • Business meetings don’t always have to be in person. Use Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing options to bring people together virtually.
  • Training doesn’t have to be in person, either. There is a wealth of options available to educate and train your team. Outfits like C4CM have a robust library of resources you can select from, with different formats available to suit your learning style..
  • Bring the trainer to you. You can also create custom training for your group if you are in need of more specialized content, and host the sessions at your workplace or locally.
  • Consider alternatives to flying. While not inexpensive, Amtrak trains network the country and should be viewed as a viable option to flight. Employees could rent a car and drive, or take a bus to their destination.

A bonus to many of these alternatives is that they can also cost considerably less. Plus, having employees spend less time on business travel can help prevent travel burn-out, and give them more time to recharge, leaving them more productive when they are working.

If you’re still nervous, here are some statistics to show how air travel safety stacks up against other forms of travel.

Death rates across different modes of travel:

  • Air: One death per 117 billion journeys taken.
  • Bus: One death per 4.3 billion journeys taken.
  • Rail: One death per 20 billion journeys taken.
  • Van: One death per 20 billion journeys taken.
  • Car: One death per 40 billion journeys taken.
  • Foot: One death per 40 billion journeys taken.
  • Water: One death per 90 billion journeys taken.
  • Bicycle: One death per 170 billion journeys taken.
  • Motorcycle: One death per 1640 billion journeys taken.
  • Skydiving: One death per 7500 billion journeys taken.

person eating pretzelTo set your mind further at ease, data from the United States Statistics Department shows you are 80 times more likely to die by choking on food and 95 times more likely to be killed by gunfire than dying in a plane crash – for business travel or pleasure. So maybe it’s the pretzels on the plane that are more likely to get you in the end…

(Thanks to Newshub for the statistics.)

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