Work-at-Home Checklist for Employees: Organize Your Office Area

ENVIRONMENT Dedicated Workspace Should be a dedicated room for a home office.
  No Distractions Includes noise and people.
  Natural Lighting  
  Power Have enough electrical outlets with grounding adapters, surge protection, and overload security.
  Ventilation & Temperature Control Heat and Air Conditioning; Fans
ERGONOMICS Desk Ample space…consider keyboard pad
  Chair Adjustable to your posture and comfort…consider back support
  Light Consider a desk lamp for more lighting and to reduce eye strain.
EQUIPMENT Computer With enough memory and processing speed
  Printer and Scanner  
  Monitor Resolution sufficient for your type of work and needs
  Phone Determine if you require a dedicated work phone line, or if you can get by with you home phone or cell phone
  Connectivity Set up the highest speed internet access that is available in your area.
  Stationery & Supplies Maps, calendars, binders, notepads, pens, fasteners, reference materials, postage
  Other Office Furniture Shelving or Filing Cabinets, Whiteboards
SOFTWARE Microsoft Office, Adobe Consider other specialized programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or QuickBooks
  Anti-Virus Protection Must be installed
  Conferencing Software Skype, Go-To-Meeting
SAFETY Evacuation Plan In case of a fire or other emergency
  Smoke Detector Check batteries frequently
  Fire Extinguisher In proper working order and accessible
PERMITS & LICENSES Licensing Requirements Check State, County, and City compliance
  Tax ID  
  Business Registration Check with Secretary of State
INSURANCE Additional Coverage  
SPECIALTY & OTHER EQUIPMENT Headset For intensive phone work
  Label Maker & Labels  



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