Progressive Discipline Procedures

Progressive discipline procedures are put into place for two primary reasons:

Most progressive discipline procedures follow these five steps:

Here are steps that should be followed throughout each phase of this process:

Oral reprimand

If either of these are true, determine whether those circumstances should be considered before issuing the formal oral reprimand or if perhaps some other option such as counseling should be recommended first.

If an oral reprimand is warranted:

Written warning

Final written warning

If the behavior continues or doesn’t improve, the employee should be given another written warning which explicitly states that this is the final warning the employee will receive before a review for termination.

This warning should be accompanied by the following:

Termination review

After the specified time period, if the behaviors have continued:

These questions should be considered as part of the termination review:

If the answer to either or both of the following questions is yes, the termination process may proceed, but there must be heightened proof of the circumstances at each stage of the process.


This is the last resort. See the termination checklist for those steps.

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