Progressive Discipline Checklist

“CASUAL” WARNING Used in Some Instances Pre-cursor to verbal reprimand
Used as Coaching or Counseling Opportunity
VERBAL REPRIMAND For Less Serious or First Time Offenses  
Describes Unacceptable Behavior  
Outlines Expected Behavior Be positive
States Future Consequences Of Failing To Correct Behavior
  Allow Employee to Respond
  Always Investigate
  Deliver Notice of Expectations
Draft Written Memo to Employee; Notes Verbal Reprimand & Documents Discussion Place in employee’s HR file
WRITTEN REPRIMAND For Repeated Offenses or First Time Offenses of a More Serious Nature Place in employee’s HR file 
Reference Verbal Warning If applicable
Clearly Identify as Written Reprimand
Describes Unacceptable Behavior
States Employee Actions to Improve
Outlines Future Consequences if no Improvement
Meet Frequently & Review Progress
Evaluate Outcome of PIP
Determine Additional Required Action If needed and appropriate
SUSPENSION Employee Continues to Violate Rules after Written Reprimand Notify management
Suspended from Position without Pay
Not to Exceed 30 Calendar Days
DEMOTION May be Imposed for Serious Misconduct or Willful Action
In Writing with Effective Date File in HR Department
State Specific Action to be Taken
State Specific Cause for Action Taken
  * Follow Employee Termination Checklist
Meet with Employee Privately
Clearly identify Issue(s) & Make Sure Employee Understands
Allow Employee Opportunity to Explain If appropriate
Conduct Thorough Investigation and Verify Complaints of Behavior
Explain Expected Behavior
Explain Consequences if no Improvement  
Document the Disciplinary Action Keep a record of relevant situations occurring during progressive disciplinary process; date and sign all documents
Give Copy of Disciplinary Forms to Employee Tell employee copy to go in his/her personnel record
Coordinate with HR Department







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