Performance Reviews/Appraisals Checklist

An employee performance appraisal has the opportunity for many pitfalls with negative consequences. If criticism isn’t constructive, it can leave the employee demoralized and less effective in his or her job. Depending on the data used to support criticisms, the employee may even perceive some form of discrimination which could turn into legal challenges. The best performance appraisals are those in which both the supervisor and the employee are in a comfortable, private, non-threatening environment with an opportunity for open communication.

Here are some suggestions for achieving those goals:

Preparation is key.

Gather all of the relevant information, review it before the meeting and have it on hand during the appraisal. This includes:

Prior to the meeting:


Recognize the pros and the cons:

In making the appraisal, consider the following:

Specific considerations:

What does the employee need to succeed or improve performance?

After review meeting:


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